Christmas in Spring

Bask in the glory of goodness. Let it wash all over you.  Bathe in it.  Feel it.  Indulge all your senses in the glory of goodness.  We hear the fair sense of play that is filling you and urging you.  For this fair sense of play is the opening to playing with all that life brings and indeed to play with this since you are in a masterful approach to play.  In the days that follow, trust the steps of connection.  Take time in connection and allow it to be your “wine”, your “mood enhancer”.

Now as we flow through you, move fully.   We suggest a dance.  Be it a chair dance, a head dance, an arm dance, but a dance is so good to remind the body of harmony and the delight that it brings.  The vibration of music will thrill you and feel you.  Allow it to be a glory that feeds you for days.

In the days ahead ask for support in great and grand ways.  Ask for it to feel like Christmas.  Ask to be in the flow as a great ride in any amusement park.  Experience glee in these next days.  Ask for it and anticipate it and look for it.  You will be pleased.

Indeed the “venture”  you are on can be viewed as a ride and now bless this ride for a transition is near.  Ask to be delighted with the transition.  Ask for it to be smooth, easy and delightful.  Trust your intuition.  Answer emails when guided.  Make calls when guided, and enjoy the guidance of goodness.  We love you deeply and always.

janet’s note:  This is guidance for me as I navigate through my healing journey but I feel called to share it with all of you!  I know many of you are on a healing journey as well and may these wise words touch the light of your soul 🙂 

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2 Responses to Christmas in Spring

  1. Lorian says:


    A perfect writing JUST for me! I feel changes going on around me – I go between surprisingly calm and anxious. Don’t know what the changes are yet, just have been noticing small things. I will follow the writing below and ask “to be delighted with the transition”!!

    I love you – let’s schedule a call, later next week maybe?

    Lorian Roethlein Managing Partner ICS Partners, LLC Integrity, Commitment & Service Technical Recruiters

    520-237-6525 Cell/Text

    928-468-0961 Office


  2. Anne Harman says:

    Beautiful- thanks, Janet!


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