Which “You” is Caked With Mud?

In the deep pool of a crystal-clear pond lies the many life forms teeming with vibrancy,  unseen by those who pass, and even as you gaze upon the beauty of the water do you not see the glory below.  For Dear One, look beneath the surface of your tendons, bones and muscles.  Look deep into the part of you teeming with life source, with light, with the glory of all that is.  In the days of murky water and trudging through mud, again we say see the light within, know it is there always there and more “you” than any mud you can cake all over you.  So play in the mud; yet get curious about the benefits of the mud, and then radiate the light that is always you. 

janet’s note:  My dear friends and followers…….some of you may know that for about a year now I have been on a unique journey  with the tendons and muscles of my legs so I experience being fairly immobile some days……and yet this past year has been a year of great growth within myself and with many, many of my relationships.   On most days now, I am happy with who I am, the gifts that I bring and the love that I feel.  One of my discoveries in this past year is how much joy it brings me to “gift”  the Wisdom Writings.  Thank you, thank you to all of you that accepted my offer.  It was pure joy to feel so generous and give such beautiful messages to people all around the world!!!    If you didn’t ask or if you have been tentative about receiving a Wisdom Writing……not to worry…….I will be offering  them as a gift again in February…….kind of like my Valentine’s gift to you.  I appreciate you very much and thank you for being a piece of my heart on the days when I soar and on the days when I trudge in the mud!

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  1. Ingrid says:

    Love you.


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