Wisdom Writings~~Dream, Fly, Love and Enjoy What is Yet to Come

As you experience the newness of life and see the beauty that is surrounding you;  see if you can open up even more to the beauty, to the receiving, to the love.  Little bits each day can create an exponential growth as you continue on in this life.

Allowing the love, joy and beauty to emanate to you, your thoughts, your life and your vision can be an experience that will ascend the mind to that place of “heaven” or that which you seek.

‘Tis okay  to experience that feeling even if you are not working, feeling sick or stuck in life.  In fact we say all the more blessed is that experience so you know who you are and how deeply you are connected.

As the days bring great change for you, again we say focus on letting in more joy, more love, more beauty.  ‘Tis all there is to do and witness the glow, the smile, the exquisite enjoyment of life.

For it is now the ones willing to let go of the current reality and risk the influence of that magical life that will open many doors.  For indeed the “crazies” have always been the ones to shift the paradigm of life.  So “fly on into that round world”* and watch the brilliance of your creativity soar.  Gather other “crazies” if you must and dream, fly, love and enjoy what is yet to come………….amen.

*janet’s note:  I saw the Wright Brothers and their first airplane as well as an ancient map of the world when it was first discovered to be round and not flat.

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Dream, Fly, Love and Enjoy What is Yet to Come

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful wisdom Janet, it is just what I need today.


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