Wisdom Writings~~Remembering the Goodness From the Future

The wisdom of your soul can be heard at times when the siren of the mind wails.  For the wisdom of your soul is deep in the body,  and the moving of the body while the siren is going can bring the message to you.

Listening to the body can bring great pleasure and fulfillment to the soul.  Yet, many have long forgotten to listen to the body and truly “bypass” all its messages.   Yes, dear one, you can hear beautiful whisperings through the aches, pains and sniffles.  Remember all is for the satisfaction of your soul.

The issue of fear, lack and finding the abundance* is an issue for many;  yet your journey is your journey, unique; yet the same for all that have this path.  Your memory of lack is one that can bring more for you.  So we now say, remember the abundance, remember the goodness, remember the beauty and the gloriousness of life.

Those memories from the future are in you, and now is the time to bring them forth. Indeed much like we said to move your body, we now say remember with  your body. Remember with your soul.    Allow the body to feel that joy, splendor, and radiance.  Then even if for a moment, feel the satisfaction of your soul.

This is your work.  This is the time.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the beauty of this day…………amen.

janet’s note:  I started this writing as a personal message to me.  I asked for specific guidance around the fear I have of my “lack” thinking at times…….they keep referencing to go to the body and soul as the source of pleasure and fulfillment.  Memories from the future is a pretty wild idea to breathe in and sit with!   Not sure how to access those but I do know that entering the unknown is part of my path right now 🙂

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Remembering the Goodness From the Future

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Thanks Janet – I think entering the unknown is what we all have to do as we go further into the Shift. If we can do it with joy in our hearts and looking forward to the beauty we will be creating instead of the negativity we’re moving through and leaving behind, we’ll make it.


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