Wisdom Writings~~The GPS System for Your Life

The freedom of a soul to choose moment by moment is the gift we give you for this world;  yet the choosing process is intervened by the mind’s need to get it right and protect what often feels like a threat to being discovered as a fraud, or worthless, or a fake, or just not loveable.  In the moments that we give you to choose, are the moments to choose love, choose joy, choose pleasure.

If we can ask you to go a bit deeper, we say now go into your soul and let the soul choose.  Let the soul be the guidance system;  your GPS for this life.  Indeed the course or journey would alter dramatically for you if you really allowed your soul to do the driving.

For today, surrender to the desires of your soul.  For today, allow the guidance of your soul to be the dominant action and feeling you have.  The energy of the soul is one that talks to both worlds, yours and ours,  with complete clarity and brilliance, while bypassing the mind.

As you envision an aperature of light opening up your soul, feel the grounded place and calm take over.  Again,  let that “groundedness” be your GPS.  When frenzy, fear, angst and even excitement seep in to your being, know that you have gone off onto the dirt road.  Now focus on the opening of your soul’s light, love and guidance and feel the ease of this path in your day.

We thank you for your connection.  We bless all of you with the deepest love that connects us all………..amen.

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