Wisdom Writings~~Seeing the Darkness with Nocturnal Vision

A glimpse of life through the power of the soul can often be unforgettable.  The energy of this glimpse can bring the vision fully into reality.

Again we say allow the vision of the soul’s aperture of light to grow and fully become the beacon of light that leads and guides you.  That beacon will also beam into you,  finding the recesses of darkness that often can be the most dangerous places the mind fears.    The body is fully ready to feel these feelings and places.  Yet the mind has the fear of the dark; for it cannot see in the dark.  The body has nocturnal vision and can see the  blessings and beauty of the darkness.  So now venture and be adventurous as you travel into the journey of the soul.  Allow the beacon to search out the darkness and fill it with the grandest light of all.  This darkness has been neatly hidden from others and ignored by you;  except for the racing of the mind.

For truly the body can quiet the mind and now it is ready.  Bring that glorious movement of your hips to the creative music you love.   Feel the beat and the pleasure.   Allow the body to have its time in your dance of life.

Enjoy, enjoy and let the fun begin…………….amen.

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3 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~Seeing the Darkness with Nocturnal Vision

  1. Kelley Waltrip says:

    Absolutely fabulous Janet……………………I love you and adore your wisdom my greenlight 🙂

    Thank you a zillion times for your committment to yourself, the writings, the magificant seven and the world at large!

    It’s an honor to baskin the glow off light and dark w/ you my friend!


  2. Gabrielle says:

    This is so true! We must shine the Light into the dark places in our soul if we are to face and heal ourselves. We can’t truly love ourselves until we have. It brings us a step closer to becoming the enlightened beings we all have the potential to be. Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways to release pent up emotion, tension and stress – and a wonderful way to celebrate life! Thank you Janet!


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