Wisdom Writings~~Wreckfish, Waste, and A Gourmet Delicacy Called You

The days of splendor can slip away easily when the stress of the mind cannot release.  For the urging of the mind to think new thoughts can often be a futile attempt if one does not allow the body to be a cooperative collaborator in the process.

So today,  honor the body.  Allow it to feel its pleasure deep within.  The focus of pleasure can be the door that opens for the splendorous view of life.  For in the moments of feeling a “waste”**, fearing one may be a “waste” or even just thinking of “waste”, does the breath go shallow and the brilliant light within goes dark.  For in the “waste” there is no light.  Now shine the light of love, beauty and joy into the feeling of “waste”.

Shine, shine, shine and absorb it into that darkness that has never been open.  You  may be surprised what lives in that darkness.  For much like the fish* that live in the darkness and are unseen, they carry the rich, gourmet delicacy of the finest dishes. So allow the rarity of “waste” within to be held and viewed in the glory of light and love.  Witness the emergence of an exquisite “dish” filled with the delicacy of that which is you.

We thank you for your connection and the love that expands from your heart to the world.

Be at peace, for all is well…………….amen.

*janet’s note:  I watched an Iron Chef  episode that featured Wreckfish…….which I believe are the fish mentioned in this writing.  The Chefs treated this fish with great honor and respect.  

**……Before I started writing, I asked  for guidance regarding the fear that my son will “waste” time this summer on the computer.  I realized that my fear stems from my own unresolved resistance to feeling like I am a “waste” when I am not productive or feeling accomplished in my life……..beautiful guidance from the Wisdom Writings!

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