Wisdom Writings~~Take the Plunge

………..and here is the wisdom you are seeking today.  For the message of love, joy and beauty has been heard and written with the frequency of the breath.  So today the message of imagination can enter with the playfulness of a child.  Imagining with the joyful heart and soul is the imagining of your destiny, of your calling.  Yet for many,  any moment of this imagining can be viewed as wasteful time spent.

So today, breathe for a moment and then take the plunge into trusting the wisdom guidance.  Dive into the realm of imagination.  Oh indeed it can be beautiful, luxurious and playful.  Allow the greatest imagining with the greatest joy.

Increasing this capacity, this muscle, this focus, this strength can bring you a life that truly only comes with the “dream” time.  So now, this is your path.  Color it fully in the brilliance of a palette of paints and sprinkle it with the glitter that often shines from the five-year old’s artwork.  Now just allow, allow, allow.

Let the imagining be.  Just be.  Breathe in the joy, love and beauty as you allow the picture to grow and feel ever so delightful.  Enjoy your “work” for we truly wish for you to have it fill your soul’s depths with the satisfaction of knowing all is well and all is done.

With love always and all ways…………….amen.

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