Wisdom Writings~~The Dot-to-Dot Path of Pleasure, Bliss and Joy

Forever and ever are words often uttered; yet rarely understood in the human mind.  We say that forever and ever is the energy that you are.   The gift of growing the energy of love and joy is a path that brings such light to all;  not only in the human planet,  but in all the realms that can see the light of love.

We ask for the guidance of the masters to steer your life and head in a new direction that few are willing to go at this time.  We understand the conflict of leaving behind the reality of so many and entering a reality held by so few.  We will make it cozy and inviting for you in this new world and offer the greatest support as the surrendering process begins.

Truly the information on vibration* can be helpful; yet the grounded guidance of pleasure will speak to many and like “dot-to-dot” is easy to follow.  Pleasure, bliss, joy and play.  Truly that path will brighten any day, any life, any moment.

As you enter into this dimension, many items once considered important will cease to be,  and ’tis okay to let them go.  The “feeling” journey will come full-circle and the rejoining of that which is left behind will be glorious in future days.

So today, in the reveling of beauty and full-on pleasure, may the light of your soul shine forth with the radiance of the spotlight in the sky.  We sit at your feet in reverence for your journey in this life………….amen.

janet’s note:  I have been getting specific guidance to enter the Magical Kingdom Life whole-heartedly and one of my concerns is that I will be living in a different “reality” than most people in my life.  I do find the teachings of “vibration” fascinating and they add some sort of science to my new direction.  However, it seems the wisdom writings want to keep me on the path of pleasure……….hence the dot-to-dot comment. 

The Magical Kingdom Life is where I am surrounded by beauty and love and everything is for the pleasure of my body and satisfaction of my soul.   I have been “opening” up that life for many others and am available by Skype or phone for consultations into the Magical Kingdom Life!

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