Wisdom Writings~~The Intoxicating Life: Is it Work or Easy?

Our messages can often turn and head into a direction of guidance that you have yet to allow.  Today the message of “easy” is one we wish to have you hear.*   “Easy” is a word that you can feel and yet not allow, for it feels like cheating, not right or just not the way it is supposed to be.

Today, we ask you to say, “Oh yes, I allow life to be easy” and then we say get ready.  At first all that is within you that rejects any notion of “easy” will come with great velocity and verocity to the forefront.  We say hallelujah.  Have a party and celebrate all that arises; as this is the beginning of the great cleansing.  Bless it, thank it and appreciate that it is cooperating perfectly with you to have an easy life.

Imagine life being easy.  Imagine life being easy, easy, easy.  Oh yes that does mean it will not be work.  Then what will you be doing?  For now, we do not answer because the  moment now is to allow all that is in contrast to “easy” to arise, bubble and effuse from you.  Just like the bubbles of champagne in a celebratory toast, let them come to the surface with joy, glee and pure anticipation of the giddiness that follows the first sip. For in the release of all that suppresses an “easy” life is the giddiness that you seek in the imbibing of the drink.

We bless you so much and wish to tell you that you are fully, fully on the path.  We walk with you singing and dancing along the way.  Feel our presence and let the celebration begin!

*janet’s note:  I looked up the word ease and one of the definitions is natural.  It’s origin comes from a word meaning opportunity…….so I guess “easy” could mean a natural opportunity……..wow I like that!

I have been noticing that things coming “easy” seems unfair somehow and impossible……kind of like I have to work to validate goodness coming in.  Also if I don’t “work” how do I get things done?  I can appreciate my view is extremely limited here and I am unable to see any other perspective with this one.   Good message for me today……….hope it is for you too! 

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~The Intoxicating Life: Is it Work or Easy?

  1. heartlightdg says:

    I have found that when we make things hard for ourselves, we are allowing other’s opinions, and society’s rules and teachings to run our thoughts, dictate our beliefs and choose our directions. And then we are unhappy because we are not listening to our own desires. If we follow what makes us happy, it is easy. Life is easy. It’s only when we ignore our own guidance that we have to work hard. At least, that is what I have learned, the “hard” way LOL! So where did you learn that you had to work hard to get what you want? For me, it got much easier when I stopped letting everyone else run my thoughts and my life. Of course, that is not to say I am always successful, but hey, awareness matters. I prefer easy.


  2. Gabrielle says:

    Janet, it’s such a pleasure to read your wisdom writings! I agree with the last comment, but for me life has become even easier 🙂 once I realised I deserved an easy life – we all do! I decided to trust that Spirit would provide whatever I needed and stopped worrying. We are powerful beings of Light and Love, not stressed out people! The more we allow the Love and Light to flow, the easier life becomes.


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