Wisdom Writings~~ Glenda the Good Witch was Right?!

The opening of the mind is a task far greater than one realizes.  For the opening of that which leads to the unknown has often been considered dark, scary and something to avoid.  Isn’t it the way to fear the unknown?  We are asking  you to dive in with full glory and trust that the unknown is filled with bounty, beauty and the exquisite paradise of love and joy that so many are wishing and wanting.

We say now be not afraid of the unknown.  Seek it.  Live it.  Invite it in.  That is the way for the mind to open.  Once again we say the body can transform the mind with grace and ease as it moves through the unknown places and stages.   It will lead you only to that which feels good.   Indeed the key is to listen to the body first and let the mind follow.

Oh so many have spent oh so long training the mind,  and now is the time for rebalancing and recalibrating the life of evolving the soul’s path.  Now is the time to listen to the places of joy and pleasure in the body and follow that path.  Truly it will lead to the unknown,  and the visual of the unknown will transform much like Dorothy’s world from black, white and stormy to the luminous color and fantasy of the magical world.  Go now, enter your dreams, let your body lead you and sing your happiest of songs.

We love you.  We bless you and much like Glenda the good witch, we know the power has been within you the whole time……………amen.

janet’s note:  I just had to look on youtube and see if I could find a clip of Glenda and voila……….I did!!!  This is so fun………..enjoy………


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