Wisdom Writings~~ Ohhhh I Love a Good Rain

The mask of the sadness is one that can be seen by so many and brings the tears that can wash away itself.  So funny the fear of tears; yet so amazing the blessings they bring when felt in an authentic place.  We ask you to allow all tears to flow from you and others and give the gift of receiving them, blessing them, and honoring them.

For now, allowing sadness will cleanse away so much like a good rain that purifies the air, brightens the trees, flowers and surroundings and allows natural beauty to emerge.  Much like a good rain, a good cry can bring grand abundance of growth to all that naturally grows.

So today, we say bring on the tears, bring on sadness and declare the day one that will wash away the mask that separates you from the glory, beauty and elegance that you are.

We thank you deeply for our connection and for the gift of love that flows so easily from your heart…………..amen

janet’s note:  This writing caught me a bit off guard………..didn’t really feel sad today; however I always listen to the wisdom.  I do notice how hard it is for people to cry or allow someone else to cry……….they apologize for crying or they try to soothe or cheer up the person crying.  I am listening to a video of rain falling and it is so soothing and beautiful………..what a fabulous touchstone for allowing tears to fall.  

Here is the video!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgG4vDfcJek&feature=related

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