Wisdom Writings~~The Work of Relaxing?!

As you open to receive messages and guidance, the opening can come grander when the mind can feel joy and pleasure.   The body will urge this feeling through pain and sensations uncomfortable for you.  The body encourages your highest state; your moments of truth for who you really are.

Allow the message from the body to guide you fully and relax if that is the message.  Work out if that is the message or seek a healing touch.  All messages can be listened to fully.  The turning of the life actions to listening and tuning into the pleasure of the body will bring a goodness, a deliciousness, a connection to the brilliance of your soul which you seek.

For the answer of the house has been given and yet you do ignore it.*  Do nothing until you feel propelled, compelled and unable to stop yourself from taking action.  Until then, relax, stay filled with pleasure, look for love and joy in all the places where it seems invisible, impossible or untouchable.  Now that is your work.

Always more, always abundance, always perfection in the moment, always love, always now……………..amen

* janet’s note:  I asked for guidance about a house.  My husband and I have been looking for a home we love for over 4 months and have intended that we won’t “figure” out how to purchase the home once we find it.  I search almost daily on the MLS listings and my gut has told me to stop that…………..I guess I better listen! 

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