Wisdom Writings~~Spelunking the Darkness

The image of a cave in the dark can be frightening as the darkness is so pervasive,  and as the eyes strain for light, none can be found.  Yet in the moment a small light illuminates the beauty deep within the cave, it can take the breath away with awe.

And was the beauty and splendor always there?  Was the glorious grace of the universe and nature busily forming, creating and happily building this gorgeous display of divinity invisible and unnoticed?

Your cave of darkness is that way too.  Oh indeed your darkness holds the unimagined beauty, splendor and grace of the divinity of life.  If you truly could bring a small light of love to your darkness, the beauty that resides within would be awe-inspiring and breath-taking.

We see you.  We know you.  We are you.  We love you.  Go explore your cave and have fun…………amen.

janet’s note:  I asked this morning to know the depth of my connection and I say “yes” to feeling it and expressing it.  This beautiful image and message of a cave came almost immediately.  I love the idea of having fun while exploring my darkness and bringing the light of love to all parts of me which will illuminate my natural beauty and divinity!  I appreciate the joy I get in receiving these messages and sharing them with  you 🙂 

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