Wisdom Writings~~Wax On, Wax Off: Listening to Direction

The life of listening to the voice within can be a path for many right now.  Our guidance will open that path to many that feel called.

Listening within can be a beautiful journey with adventure and beauty around every corner.  Do you yet trust the journey of life to be in your favor greater and grander than you have allowed?  Do you yet allow yourself to envision a future that the mind deems impossible, silly or crazy?  Do you yet envision the desires of the heart as the true gifts waiting to be bestowed upon you?

Yet the need to deserve it, work for it or even trust this process precedes all willingness.  Now we say allow, allow, allow and cut a new path to the rainbow.  For your path now is filled with the briar patches,  and you are unable avoid getting stuck in the mire of your mind.  Now dear one, endeavor onto a new path.  The path that truly reveals no blocks, no holes, no ruts,  and a glory that few will allow into their experience.

Today say yes.  Say yes to everything exactly as it is.  Say yes, thank you.  Yes, thank you.  Yes, thank you, and I’m ready.  I’m ready.  I’m ready.   Allow the listening within to direct the next step.  If the direction is to do nothing and be happy, then do that.  If the direction is to let go and be happy, do that.  If the direction is pay your bills and be happy, do that.  If the direction is don’t pay your bills and be happy, do that.

Listen, listen, listen dear one and like Karate Kid, just follow the direction to the path of glory and all that you truly are.

We send you great love and great appreciation for your journey……………..amen.

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