Wisdom Writings~~The Love of Money

We are source and we are with you, in you and around you at all times.  This journey of relaxing into the source is one of great satisfaction and great experiences that can often bring fear, worry and angst and then joy, beauty and love.

We urge you to say the greatest words of love to yourself, to others and to all of life.  The offering of love can bring great shifts in the view of life, of self and others.  Indeed the rose-colored glasses make life beautiful and rosy.  For who wouldn’t want to live in a beautiful, love-filled existence?

The readiness of many of you is so endearing to watch and witness.  We say connect now, gather now.   Sing, dance and revel in the great movement that has been made.  Celebrate your journeys.  Celebrate your lives.  Celebrate all that is yet to be experienced.

In regard to the issue of money, we again say open to love.  Open up to the love of money, not the love of what it will buy or bring , but open up to the love of what it is transforming and evolving in you and in society.   For it is the great component that is allowing so many to go within to find their light, their source.   Knowing that the source is who they are, releases so many obstacles of fear, resentment, disappointment and judgment to bringing in money.

Again, we say celebrate, dance and sing for the glorious moments and evolving nature that have become such an essential and natural part of your path.  We see such great glory  for you and all that are seeing, feeling and expressing the love for life, self and others.

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate and let the party begin…………….amen.

janet’s note: I specifically asked about money before I did the writing.  I love the perspective they give…………Oh yes,  money has been a great catalyst for my transformation 🙂   I also love the visual image of a big party celebrating life and ourselves!


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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~The Love of Money

  1. Anne Harman says:

    What a great and timely message, my dear friend – thank you!


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