Wisdom Writings~~ The Portal to Paradise

In advance of the life filled with pleasure and joy,  is the life that is ordinary and filled with the ups and downs of the many circumstances that go in the file of good or bad.   Yet,  as you transition to a place of neutral with these circumstances, then the vision of the  future is like an opening and indeed the aperture towards the future grows larger as one can become neutral to the circumstances of life.   As you go even closer to the experience of the Magical Kingdom Life; to the joy, pleasure, beauty and love, then the aperture will widen even further till you no longer are looking through it to the future, but you walk into the opening created and that vision of life becomes what life is.

We see the journey so vividly with you.   The experience of love, joy and beauty while the contrast of the opposite begins to swirl around you, is the work at hand.

We love the energy of the feminine now.   She is playful, alluring, loving and enticing as she receives in the blessed goodness that we are wishing, wanting, and waiting to give.  Open, open, open.  Watch the glorious waves of ecstasy wash over you and your world.  Now is a glorious time for the focus and life of pleasure and joy.

We bless you.  We love you.  We are with you always…………….amen.

janet’s note:  When I was writing this, the visual they created was stunning, especially the moment that the opening to the future enveloped me and became the reality.  It was kind of like some romantic science fiction movie with a portal to paradise 🙂  I had just watched a riveting TED talk about western women and how their untapped hunger for experiencing pleasure is what will transform our planet.   Here is the link!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=s9QVq0EM6g4#at=217

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