Wisdom Writings~~Can You Feel the Change Coming?

The truest form of desire comes from the inner knowing which then describes the “event” as knowing the desire of one’s greatest life.  As we entertain all the desire of all the souls, we are exuberant with glee for so many are ready for love, joy and the splendor of life for all in this world.

Go fully into the day with the knowing that the desires held within have their own radius of light from you to their fulfilled place.  As you focus on this path of light, your journey is one that delights.  Yes, the path is always there and yet at times when you can’t see it,  the light is there.  For much like night vision, you cannot see what is always there.  The radiance of divine desires fulfilled have a special glow to them,  and as you begin to see that glow, you will find your way with a lilt in your step.

A move for many is under way, and dear one the move can bring great harmony to the varied hearts that have spoken so clearly for love, joy , beauty and splendor.  Allowing a change to magnitude* is now the work at hand.  Allowing with trust, joy and full abandon, can create waves of an exuberant energy that will relinquish many fears, doubts and worries.

We are eager with you in the anticipation of the days ahead.  Yet we foresee the need for peace in the journey of great change.  Your heart, your soul, your every cell will tell you the journey of change can bring the peace of the one mind.   So today, see the radius of light that shines so brightly from your desires,  and walk with delight and eager anticipation for the fulfillment of that which is all “ready” for you.

Be at peace with the body,  and the final frontier of fear can be released in this one.  Again, bringing your attention to the light of the desire of the soul will shift the seeing and the experience of life in this moment.

We applaud your journey, your focus and the expansion of a heart and soul filled with love, joy and desire…………….amen

*janet’s note:  I found this phrasing interesting “change to magnitude”.  I was going to edit it to “change of magnitude”  but then looked up the word “magnitude” and it is a number representing the intrinsic or apparent brightness of a celestial body………..amazing how the wording they choose is so precise at times!

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