Wisdom Writings~~Where is Your Passion?

Connecting with our love is the thing on your path that often goes unnoticed.  Disconnection is not evident until the angst and fear rises to the level of pain in the body.  Tuning into love, connecting with love, and seeing all of life as a source of love is the practice that many will find re-invigorating for happiness and joy.

In the days ahead, the relaxation and calm of the mind will bring great waves of a new vibration for the life path you have been asking for.  Bringing the color of red to your sight will allow the brightest vibrational shift for you.  Make the red one that pleases you* and invites you in.   See this color in nature and find this color in your body as a source of a blooming bud bringing a new garden of experiences to your life.

The attention to color can focus the mind, when the feelings and thoughts are often like a chaotic freeway.  Focus one breath on one color for even one moment and the peace of many cells within will begin.  Like a rippling wave, it can wash over all your cells and then focus again, again, again.

The desire to see us, hear us and know our connection is real is heard.  We ask you to look in areas still unseen.  For much like hide ‘n seek, we love to play with you.   So now look for clues, misplaced items, words or phrases heard over and over by others’ speaking to you, dropped items or sudden gifts.  Just breathe and expand what you see, think or believe is the way you will know us.  Suddenly the vision of an unseen world will be glimpsed.**

We love you deeply and in that is the opening of a new life.  Trust the dream.  Live the dream, and enjoy the ride.   With deep, deep gratitude for our connection…………..amen.

*janet’s note:  Red is my least favorite color…….when I looked up the “meaning” of red, it represents passion, beauty and love……..I have been focusing so much on pleasure, peace and joy that indeed “passion” has somehow fallen away.  The “passion” for my dream is being reawakened.  Several years ago, I clearly saw hosting an entertainment/talk show that fills people with love and joy, yet is vulnerable and intimate with unconditional love…………. all packaged in a practical, pop-culture format……..I had one successful show 🙂 

** Lately, I have been enamored with the unseen, guides, and the psychic/clairvoyant connection that some/all? seem to have.  Yet even as I write these “channeled” wisdom writings,  I still have doubts of a real connection………..oh the paradox 🙂


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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Where is Your Passion?

  1. Gabrielle says:

    You know when something is ‘real’ when it resonates deep inside you – it’s a deep feeling that it is ‘right’! Sometimes it gives you goose bumps or makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and somehow you just KNOW with total certainty. It’s like love – we can’t see it, we can only show it, and we can see it reflected in a loved one’s eyes, but we know with a deep certainty that we love and are loved in return.
    I have no doubts at all that your connection is real Janet, because the love comes through in every word. 🙂


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