Wisdom Writings~~Getting Your Hands on the Remote for Life

Expanding yourself within us is the practice at hand.  Allow yourself to feel expansive, think expansive and experience the expanse that surrounds you.  For in this precipice moment, the attention to the expanse will allow the shifting of the world.

The “reality” world is becoming pervasive, and to escape that view is to become expansive.  For where do you “go” when you allow the expansive thinking and feeling?  That view is the next step as you see it, feel it, hear it and live it.  You will notice it will fade in and out as the new “reality”; much like a picture on TV that fades in and out.  You will soon have your hands on the remote, and the clarity of the channel will be yours.

Enjoy the expanse today.  Enjoy the view and breathe deeply into the opening, the opening, the opening of life.

We send deep, deep love to all and know that we are always near and always here……………amen.

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Getting Your Hands on the Remote for Life

  1. jaraedesire says:

    I took a glorious walk this morning and sat down to write…………this came tumbling out of me almost immediately. Somedays I can see and fee the expanse and others days, not so much. I love this message especially the analogy of the remote on TV 🙂 If you have a topic you would like to submit for a Wisdom Writing reply/message……….please let me know by leaving a comment! Much love to all 🙂


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