Wisdom Writings~~Where is the Faucet Handle for Ease and Flow?

Ease and flow* are two words often used together and sought to feel.  For do you allow ease and flow into your daily life, your daily minute, your daily now?  How does one allow in the greatest ease and the greatest flow?

For often if the flow becomes too great as perceived by some part of you, then ease can often go away as the block to the flow is attempted.  Yet have you ever tried to stop a fully flowing faucet with your hands on the water.  Not very easy, and often not very effective as all you do is get wet.

So today we say allow ease and flow to whatever is flowing in your life right now; be it love, anger, sadness or greatness, whatever is flowing through you and to you.  Open and allow it to flow with the ease of a simple turn of the wrist on the faucet handle.

For that is where the ease is; at the knob.   Your knob is at your heart.  Opening your heart allows the ease and then you can control the flow.  And if you have anger, resentment, fear or worry then the opening of your heart will turn the faucet handle to the flow of joy, peace, miracles and fun.  If life is already flowing much goodness to you, again we say open your heart and the ease and flow will continue in a way that draws the most luxurious bath you have ever stepped in, soaked in and reveled in.

We love you and we feel your hearts full of love, ready to be opened and fully flowing………..amen.

*janet’s note:  So I looked up ease and flow and their original meanings come from the meanings of “opportunity” and “float”……….interesting!   Today I will keep my focus on opening my heart.  I would love to hear the gushing of all of our hearts flowing fully open with love 🙂

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Where is the Faucet Handle for Ease and Flow?

  1. heartlightdg says:

    Thank you. Needed to read this at this time as I am working through some disturbing emotions…open the faucet and let it flow!


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