Wisdom Writings~~Now is the Time to Take Flight

The expansion of life is a calling that will bring deep levels of satisfaction, joy and fulfillment.  We know that many of you are feeling called to expand all that you see, know and feel.  This expansion is one that has been held in the dream world for all of eternity and now being the time to experience it, brings great brilliance, blessings and exquisite benefits for all.

We thank you for the journeys you have experienced to allow yourselves to be at this edge of not knowing.   This point of exquisite expansion.   For in the moment that a bird extends his wings and expands into the air, is the moment of lift off that is waiting for you.

Imagine the scene of a flock of birds in a field all simultaneously flying free and the immense energy, joy and beauty that it captures.

Now dear ones, is your time to simultaneously set yourselves free and fly.  Expand that which you know yourselves and life to be.  Now is the time to take flight………….amen.

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4 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~Now is the Time to Take Flight

  1. jaraedesire says:

    The visual of a flock of birds taking flight is stunning and I can only imagine what a group of us “taking off” in life, releasing ourselves to be all that we can be, would look like! Stunning 🙂


  2. dear Janet, I thank you for each and every Wisdom Writing. Just got in from another day working at pulling the gallery together. It is such a time for expansion for me. Wish you were close enough to come to the monthly gallery walk on the 25th, yet knowing you are in my heart will provide love and strength to help me soar! my love to you, Alan


  3. Gabrielle says:

    Although I’ve just been physically restrained as I’ve broken my arm, mentally and spiritually I’m soaring free and expanding with you Janet! Thank you! 🙂 Love, Gabrielle


  4. heartlightdg says:

    Timely again. This past weekend I was admiring the tatoo I helped my daughter design a few years ago. It features a broken southwestern pot and flying, soaring out of it is a hawk, wings outspread. It symbolises her finding her wings and expanding. I have always loved this visual even though I normally don’t enjoy (multiple) tatoos. This one has deep meanings and I told her that if I was to ever get a tatoo, I would get one of just the hawk flying upwards. Hawk is one of my totems, and what my guide suggested I call him. So this message really resonates! Ready for lift off!!
    Thank you.


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