Wisdom Writings~~And the Answer is……….?

Many questions are asked in a day and the answers than many seek are beyond the range of receiving.  For the answer or message of glory, grace and goodness is the answer to most questions.  We  say now allow, allow, allow the glory and goodness of all that is into your life.

“Why is this happening now?”  We say allow in the glory and goodness that is coming to you from this.  “Why can’t I find happiness, money or love?” again we say allow, allow in the glory and goodness of this moment.  This moment now has a bounty of goodness, a bounty of grace, a bounty of love.

As in the search for Waldo, he often goes unseen.  So do the moments filled with glory and goodness.

Today is your day.  Grab your basket and see how many moments of goodness and glory you can collect.  For indeed dear ones we can fill any size basket that pleases  you.   Time to have fun and enjoy this moment now…………….amen.

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