Wisdom Writings~~The Jump of Love

We send a deep message of love.  A love that is like a bottomless pool.  A pool that looks still and shallow,  yet once you allow yourself to jump in,  becomes the magical moment of life you have been waiting for.

The jump of love is the experience for you.  For the love you are seeking is not for the outward expression to others.  No, no, no my dear one.  This love is truly into the depths of you, the soul of you.  For it is time to dive deep into your self and allow that single dive to create waves of love that can finally crash over the walls of reasons that you are unlovable:  the silly, the lazy, the unforgivable, the liar, the thief, the untrusted one.  Allow the waves of love that awaken within you to swell, crash, and then gently ripple over all that you deem you are.  Much like a high tide, let it wash away the seaweed and leave your beach pristine with the white sand that is truly who you are.

Dive into the water.  Create the waves and know that your power to swim, frolic and float will awaken with ease.  Let the love wash over all of you and deep within you.   Imagine the flow of love filling you and filling you.  As it washes over the dark, the dreaded, and the deeply hidden traits of shame, feel their buoyancy, feel how they have nothing to do but surrender to the great flow of love.

You feel love.  You give love.  You are love…………………amen.

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