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You are the Hero/Heroine of this Chapter of Life

Let life find you. Let life find you. For the you we are speaking of is the you filled with love, delight, joy; the gifts you received when you came here. Now life is finding you, meeting you, connecting with … Continue reading

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The Power of the Path of Least Resistance

  There are always paths of least resistance.  For the goodness of life will always flow through those paths.  Notice the single flower blossoming in the crack of the sidewalk.  Goodness always flows through.  In these times of great resistance,  … Continue reading

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Wisdom Writings~~The Jump of Love

We send a deep message of love.  A love that is like a bottomless pool.  A pool that looks still and shallow,  yet once you allow yourself to jump in,  becomes the magical moment of life you have been waiting … Continue reading

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