You are the Hero/Heroine of this Chapter of Life

Let life find you. Let life find you. For the you we are speaking of is the you filled with love, delight, joy; the gifts you received when you came here. Now life is finding you, meeting you, connecting with you to create a space and place to express, reveal and share your gifts.

For we know this chapter is not going as you had planned and isn’t that the best type of chapter– the one with twists and turns; yet the hero/heroine seems to find a way to rise and flourish and it seems as if life meets the hero/heroine at just the right time. So it is with you.

Allow the twists and turns and know that life is eager to meet you on this journey to unlock the perfect puzzle of you; your gifts, your contribution to you and to all.

And we say, imagine body surfing and you cannot will the perfect wave. You are patient and yet enjoy the feel of the water, of the waves rolling around you and through you. Yet as a child, delighted when that wave comes and meets you at the perfect time and carries you easily, effortlessly and joyfully to the shore.

Know Dear One, that is happening now. Enjoy and feel the rhythm of the waves of life. Enjoy the patience you are learning and growing. Enjoy the depth of knowing that life is eager to meet you; will always meet you at the moment and sometimes when you least expect it. For you all have gifts; you all are valuable. Now. Now. Now.

Enjoy this journey. Enjoy this discovery and delight of life meeting you and delivering you to a new shore. A new delight. A new chapter.

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