How Do You Know Your Inherent Gifts are Valuable?

The issue at hand is the word/idea of “inherent”; the inherent nature of oneself, one’s creativity, one’s gift to oneself and the world.

For how do you know this? How do you experience this? How do you express this in your life and in the world?

For we say how can you not? The efforting, the trying, the uncovering and searching for it, is comical to us. For it is all we see. For much like when you gaze upon an infant, a puppy, a beautiful piece of art, a beautiful flower, tree or landscape, all you see are the inherent gifts and glory of each and everyone of these.

So we say it is how we see you; each and everyone of you as the inherent gift and glory that you are. We say if but for one minute you see yourself as we see you; the brightness of your gift, of your glory would be forever etched in your system, in your purview that you could know no other than that glory, that brilliance.

The illusion of self-doubt, of anger, of depression, of anything else would easily evaporate, disintegrate. We say that pathway, that journey, that discovery is why you are here.

Be NOT so serious about it. Be NOT so determined. Be NOT so dutiful. We say bring a buoyancy, a levity, a curiosity with a deep knowing that ALL IS WELL. Breathe into that knowing and your knowing will bless and honor all.

We love you deeply and always. Go enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the journey always!

The history of inherent comes from the Latin root of “haerere”…….meaning to adhere or stick to…..inseparable.

Dutiful comes from the Latin root of obsiquious meaning to”accommodate oneself to the will of another” or the current definition of obedient obligation.

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