Allow a Change of Season….in YOU!

The delivery of our message is always an opportunity to allow and the message today for all is the deepening of the experience of allowing. Allowing goodness. Allowing a new view. Allowing support and connection.

For in the Fall, the allowing of connection and growth can feel unrelated to the season where the leaves of nature make it look like growth is not happening; yet the vibration of allowing is so ripe, so full at this time of year.

Allowing a seasonal change. Allowing a new stage, a new season to emerge, to bless and to be its next unique, beautiful self. For that is what we are wishing for you.

Do you not know that you too have seasons? That you indeed are a part of nature? Allow your colors to change; your roots to deepen. Allow the leaves to change in your life. For you do not see the tree bending down to pick up the leaves and wanting to keep them.

So you too, now can gracefully and with the strength of the tree, allow, allow, allow this new season to emerge within you and through you. Trusting the great all that is, is in you and around you to bring a new season….greater, grander than you’ve known.

Allow the seasonal change of Fall. Allow a great healing Winter and know Dear Ones, a Spring of Bounty is being prepared through your allowing.

We love you so deeply and we thank you, now and always.

janet’s note:

I love looking up the etymology of a word. Allow originally meant “appreciating the value of”. For me the expression in the Wisdom Writing is to appreciate the value of all that is happening and as we do that then there is this opening for goodness, for a new view, for support, for connection!

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