What is Growing in You? NOW?

Tethering, tethering, tethering. For we are not saying you are tied down. We are saying you are all connected to the brilliant tether of love, joy, creativity and beauty.

For do you see how you bloom when you see beauty in nature, in art, in another. Do you see how you come alive with buoyancy when you see a baby laughing, giggling, playing with glee. For you are all connected to this beautiful tether that grounds you, connects you to life; all that is.

For that is the mycelium of your life. For that mycelium can grow and connect all of life. You are tethered, connected to all of life to grow and connect to all of life. For the joy of connection is growing more and more rapidly than ever. Now, now, now.

Maybe not in the way you feel, see or know but dear ones connecting you to your world, to your families, to your loved ones, to new ones that you have never met on your days is now happening. We are celebrating these new connections and we wish for you to celebrate them, invite them in and allow the gift of these new connections to grow. Grow something in you. Grow something for your community. Grow something for the world.

Watch. Be aware and notice this subtle, new growth, for much like small, new growth in a forest, it may be hard to detect it at first, but then, but then, but then the immense meadow of green becomes beautiful, awe-filled and nurturing. Know that your life, all of life is growing into this beautiful green meadow. Now. Now. Now.

We love you. We love all now and always.

janet’s note:

Here is the Wisdom Writing LIVE:

Tether: connection for safety…….I had to look up the definition because I didn’t like the word. I have learned to trust the message as it comes. Of course, now I like the word!

In case you don’t know about mycelium……..here is a great little video to explain it for you:

Short, informative Mycelium video……the “internet” network of plants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tjt8WT5mRs&ab_channel=SciShow

Here is

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