Glimpses of Goodness Emerging

You and many of you will start receiving images, many images of an emerging world, of an emerging “possible” world. As many are now shifting their attention from drama to the goodness birthing in the world now.

The glimpses are gifts and spend time appreciating these glimpses. For some of you may want to draw them, color them, write about them; yet, others may want to visualize them, and still others may want to go out in nature and throw open your arms and give thanks.

All are great acts of opening, of inspiring(breathing in new life) the goodness that is eager to come forth, the glory of every cell of every body. Imagine for a moment the magnitude of every cell of every body filled with the glory of goodness, the glory of creativity, the glory of the unknown.

Oh yes, the glory of the unknown is a glory, is a treasure, and we say be delighted that you as a collective are growing more and more curious in the glory of the unknown. Allow these gatherings to celebrate the glory of goodness.

For with one, two, 20, 200 gathering and the opening of hearts, smiles, arms, with all those beautiful cells, pathways in the body to assimilate and excel at growing, revealing and expressing goodness in you, around you, through you and through all.

Celebrate, Dear Ones, the courage, the beauty, the glory of so many of you moving, moving, moving into this new place of curiosity, love and openness, the discovery of goodness.

Oh indeed you matter. You are valuable. Your goodness amplifies, magnifies and draws out the goodness in all. You are glorious. All are glorious and celebrate this today!!!

janet’s note:

I love that this came through on a Sunday morning and on Sunday afternoon while listening to a podcast, I heard this quote about our DNA: “If we strung your DNA together, end-to-end, it would wrap around Mother Earth 2 million times. You are a miracle. You have 70 trillion cells. Inside every one of these cells is 3 feet of DNA” Dr. Zach Bush.

The DNA houses the unknown in our bodies………there is still much we don’t know about DNA and the body. So fascinating!!!!

The definition of Goodness is: the best part of anything; essence, strength.

Thank you for reading the Wisdom Writing Guidance!!!!!

Here is the Wisdom Writing LIVE for this guidance:

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