Get Off the Rut Road

For in the beginning of one’s expression, of one’s creativity, of one’s contribution is a delight, is a curiosity, is a fun factor, and we are urging you and all to allow and expand the feeling of delight and curiosity with your expression and creativity.

For many are not tuned into this part of themselves and often deny this path even exists. We say not only does it exist, it is truly you and a path of delight on the way to discover who you truly are.

For many are wondering now: Who am I now? Am I the one to teach? Am I the one to be upset? Am I the one to fix all of this? Oh no dear ones, for that path is now the detour, the old road. We say go in a new direction, on a new road. For the path of delightful curiosity is the path for many of you and be prepared, be comfortable with not knowing the road and not having a map. Hmmmmmmm…..not the path most choose.

Yet we are urging the path for the expression of the brain, the genius as it flows with every cell in the body and is eager to celebrate its community and connection. For the expansion and explosion of that creativity and community lives in every cell of your body and we are urging a less”heady” approach to your life, to your problems, to the solutions and for now feel that connection of creativity/community with the cells of the body.

Allow more movement now. Try a new thing with the body. Allow the coloring, dance, music, drawing….allow the movement and see the flow of creativity as a spirograph from all directions……ping, ping, ping, ping, ping and experience a delightful new flow.

Change it up dear one. All of you change it up, for the genius, the flow, the creativity, the love is so grand and is to eager to come forth now; in, around and through you. Oh yes, you are a brilliant, exquisite design of color, flow and genius.

Tap in, tap in, tap in and enjoy the discovery, the curiosity, the connection in the days, weeks, months to come!

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