Can You Feel It? Can You Feel It? Can You Feel It?

Notice the deepening. Notice the deepening you feel in your body; the deeper connection you are feeling in your body, with others, with nature. This deepening is an important part of all that is and of course you are part of all that is.

Feel that in your heart, feel that in your belly. For some of you, feel it in your feet. Allow and feel the deepening of that connection.

Are you seeing the beauty of life in a deeper way? Are you sensing the beauty of flowers, rainbows, trees; the color, the magnificence? Allow for just one minute longer to breathe in that beauty, that magnificence. Breathe it in deeper into your body, and yes; all the way to your toes.

See the smile of your favorite loved one, spouse, grandchild, friend, and again breathe the joy and love you feel from that smile to go deeper and deeper into your body. This is important, this is valuable, this is a new path, a new plan for many of you and enjoy this. Allow, allow the deepening of beauty, of joy, of connection to seep into you deeper and deeper and then, and then in the weeks to come you will become this sponge, this conduit, this radar for more and more of this.

Do you not think the world, your world, your community is filled with moments, experiences, gifts of beauty, love and connection here for you, here for all?

Breathe it in. Allow it in and feel it, let it fill you with glory with the big glorious smile that blesses the world.

Enjoy this week. Enjoy this time. Breathe and pause to feel, experience and know the beauty, the love, the connection that supports you and that is you.


janet’s note: Please enjoy the video version of this Wisdom Writing Guidance:

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