Inherent: Can’t Be Separated; A Natural Part Of

We see you. We know you and we are urging a deeper connection to us, to your wisdom, to that place of highest service, love and contribution for all.

For in the matter of you, we are urging a growth of some sort to your deeper connection and contribution. Be not concerned with the right way and go not to others for advice on what’s next for you.

Do you not think this is part of the journey for you and for all, trusting that connection to your wisdom, to your creativity, to your love. Then the next step of trusting is deepening that connection. Trusting those next steps though they may make no sense to you or others. For the prescriptive approaches are all coming into question now; for they presume no connection to one’s own inner wisdom, to one’s own inherent creativity and contribution.

And we say now is the time to step up into your inherent wisdom, inherent value, inherent contribution.

For many are so hungry for this deeper connection; as the connection to the external is becoming absent of fulfillment, enjoyment and a true sense of who all really are.

We are urging that deeper connection, that deeper knowing, that deeper truth that all come from love, all are love, and now is the time.

Indeed the dichotomy of no prescriptive approach; yet facilitating the depth of wisdom and creativity is upon you and we say the journey for this approach is now–for you, for all. Listen deeply to the longing, the yearning, the swelling of love, creativity and connection that is growing like a ground swell, like a big wave ready to wash over all for a new world. A refreshing feel from a hot summer day that will cleanse the anger, fear, worry and bring forth the love, creativity, wisdom and connection, that is all. That is for all and that is NOW.

Step out all. Step out NOW and know who you are and why you are here. NOW. NOW. NOW.

Blessed Ones, we love you now and always.

janet’s note: It felt quite important to put the definition of inherent as the title. They are truly emphasizing that we know, feel and experience our inherent value, creativity, love and wisdom!

This was written as guidance for me and of course to contribute to others. I am contemplating putting together some sort of course/gathering/discussion for unveiling and this inherent wisdom, creativity and love. If this is something you might be interested in, please comment below and let me know that you are interested!

Thank you!

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