A Seed is a Contribution

The winds of change are upon you now and the change for the collective is here now. For many, the questions are so much more; and yet, we say stay the course. Stay the course. Stay the course of 80/20. Stay engaged in your creativity, in your joy, in your love, in your appreciation, in your goodness; harvesting the succulent plantings of creativity, joy and love.

And do you not think that since you are planting a garden now, this garden is not only for you but for your future generations. For many the thought of NOW, NOW, NOW does not blend with generations to come and yet the plantings, the nurturing of the soil, laying the groundwork is now, now, now.

Do you not know that your purpose, your creativity, your joy, your love is essential, key, pivotal for NOW and for the generations. Feel the threads of connection and feel your heartstrings growing and glowing as you experience and realize that the plantings you fertilize now are growing and laying the groundwork for the blessed beginnings and future for many.

Again we urge you to know, see and feel your brilliant soul through your joy, through your love. Do you matter?? Indeed, no one matters more than you, you, you. For revel, enjoy the brilliance of so many opening and realizing their purpose, their gifts, their joy, their goodness.

We say the time is NOW and we love you NOW and always.

janet’s note: I love this week’s Wisdom Writing. I love the idea of planting seeds of creativity, joy, love now will bring a harvest for generations to come!

I looked up the word creativity since they use it almost every Wisdom Writing recently. It is originality; transcends traditional rules, patterns, ideas methods. So truly our originality matters! Enjoy the seeds you plant today!!!

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