Your Inherent Gifts: An Awe Greater Than Any Display of Nature

The words of wisdom are often what you seek, but we now ask you to seek the expression, the experience of wisdom in every cell of your body.

It is like a great bounty within you, within every; waiting to be tapped, waiting to be seen. For have you ever gone to a party, a meeting, an event, waiting to be seen, to be known.

For so many are experiencing that urging right now–even the most introverted have this within. For the deep, deep desire to be known and seen as one’s true self is beginning to emerge as a true desire more and more. For the staying at home has been a gift for the sense of one’s true self to grow, strengthen and even feel safe to express.

We say bless those video meetings as they are connecting one’s true self within the safety and nurturing of being “home”, to one’s expression of one’s true self. For we say now tap into the infinite amount of wisdom within each and every cell in your body. For your true divinity, your true expression, your true gift is there to be birthed, known and expressed NOW.

We say this birthing, this expression is your gift, is your gift, is your gift. The abundance and infinite number of cells in your body is equal to the abundant and infinite number of gifts, expressions, contributions now within each and every.

Feel the calling. Take off the “mask” of identity and allow the truest, wisest cells within you to have voice, view, expression. For the glory of this will be an awe greater than any fireworks show or display of nature. For that is your true nature.

Go Dear Ones. BE Known. BE Seen. BE your wonderful gift and contribution. NOW

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