Mirroring and Magnifying: A Winning Combination

The rooms of your house have been the metaphor for you this week and indeed the house you live in is the house you live in….much like nesting dolls. For which house do you attend to first?

Indeed it matters not, as the mirror is always there. The knowing or realization of this has yet to be utilized and expanded for the greatest good for the greatest number. And yet that path and that journey has begun.

For many now are attending to both the clearing, cleaning and beautifying of their residing home, the one with an address as well as many are attending to the cleaning and beautifying of their “body” home and both will enhance the other.

We ask you to attend to the exquisite details of your cells, of your goodness, of your gifts, of your elegance, of your genius. It is all there in you, around you, all around all.

For if you must see color now–see Purple. For Purple is reverence in all and will bring forth the exquisite, the magnificence, the glory, the gifts of all.

See Purple, dear ones and enjoy a new elegance, a new beauty, a new realization of the gifts of all emerging.

This mirroring and magnification is the true beginning.

We love you.

janet’s note:

After I wrote this and looked up some good scientific video/article on mirror neurons, the Wisdom Writings, my Divine Genius, whatever you wish to call it brought me this video of Stairway to Heaven at the Kennedy Center. Watch it and see what you feel. Watch it stimulate mirror neurons in the audience, the band members watching…..sometimes I feel like I could grab a mic and sing along and bust a move on a guitar…….mirror neurons baby!!!! They build empathy, compassion, connection!!!

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