From a Tiny Spark…

There is a gateway, a pathway, a connection to your divinity, to your goodness, to your light and all have this and know this access. Often the forgetting is part of the journey, an essential pat of the journey.

For many now are endeavoring to see and know their access in the pathway of “enlightenment” and they are forgetting ALL have this access. ALL are light and divinity whether or not you see, feel or know this in the other.

So we say, breathe, breathe, breathe into your gateway. Allow that gate to become a flood gate and allow in more and more light. Yet, that light might not be let in, it might be let out. Allow your light to shine. For as we said, now is the time for Magnification and Mirroring. Mirror and Magnify your light, your beauty, your brilliance.

Attend not to the darkness, the forgetting of others, for that attention dims your own brilliance, your own beauty, your own gifts, for you, for the world–the glory of all for all.

For imagining yourself as valuable to all for all by making your art, your fun videos, your loving conversations is indeed your access to allowing your gifts to permeate all the flow of all around the world, like a jet-stream. For indeed your smile, your gifts, your love will create a jet-stream of love. Experiencing and knowing oneself as small, minute and mighty is truly part of the journey for all.

We love you so deeply and shine, shine, shine.

janet’s note: Wow this one made my head spin at the very end. I wasn’t sure what the wisdom writing meant with the phrase, “knowing oneself as small, minute and mighty”. I felt a vibe of being humble and knowing no matter the size of your actions or project, you are mighty.

This morning I got a creative surge and came across the quote of Dante, “From a tiny spark, may burst a mighty flame.” I will acknowledge there are varied iterations of this quote on the internet, but the meaning fit like a glove for the Wisdom Writing. You, me, all of us are small compared to the world, yet we are mighty with our love, creativity and connections. Our actions, our creativity, our love holds the potential spark to create that flame, that jet-stream across the world.

I love you. I appreciate you and I love hearing from you.

Here is a link to the Wisdom Writing LIVE on FB:

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