Beneath the Swirl

The bringer of goodness. The bringer of light. The bringer of love. For to see and know oneself as this has become a new journey and pathway for many. As many start connecting to their True Self, to their True Gifts, to their True Purpose, watch the glow of love, connection and creativity grow and grow and grow.

Be not swayed by the distraction of current events. For the flowing stream often can be fascinating; yet, doesn’t allow one to see the calm, the beauty of the deepness underlying the swirl.

For all have this deepness, this stillness, this calmness, and we ask you to seek it more and more everyday. Feel the calm in you and then know the calm in others. For indeed the mirroring and magnification of this “certain” calm is so valuable for you and for others at this time.

For indeed your calm can bring calm waters; can bring a successful navigation through the rapids. Many are eager for this successful navigation, and; yet the river runs forward into new lands. These new lands may be so new that they bring up fear or uncertainty and again we say know, feel and allow that deep calm within you to navigate at this time.

For these new waters are replete with goodness. It may take new eyes and new awareness to receive, allow and recognize all the goodness, the bounty, the beauty.

Know Dear Ones, it is there and you are moving beautifully through these waters. We are with you; always with you. Know that love is at your depth. Connection is at your depth and a deep, deep beauty is who you are. Now and Always.

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