Enjoy the Rapids…Enjoy the Adventure

Reflecting, reflecting, reflecting. Much like the sun on the ripples of the pond that looks like diamonds, we are reflecting to you today the true beauty of you, of each and every one of you. For the glory of who you are is now ready to be realized by many. Not as an attaining journey but as an experience for the greatest good for one, for the all.

For indeed your journey, your opening, your flow of love, creativity and goodness is a reflection of the love and goodness of all.

And indeed we say, enjoy this part of the journey for even though this could be the “rapids” part of the journey, enjoy the thrill. Enjoy the adventure. Enjoy the courage, strength and skill set coming forth.

For many of you are discovering a strength, a resilience, a humor, an innovative spirit that is truly who you are. Yet, few are reflecting this growth to the collective. Now, now, now is the time. As you reflect and shine your true you, you are opening up a pathway for many others to venture.

Now is the time to reveal, reflect and experience this beauty, brilliance and glory. Again we say not as an attainment, but as an experience to reflect to the collective. Imagine the beauty of so many lights on this new path, like a flow of fireflies coming together; illuminating the magical forest that once felt dark and foreboding, is now the entry to so much more.

We love you. We love our connection and we love the reflecting to you and through you. Now. Now. Now.

janet’s note: This Wisdom Writing came through at such a beautiful time in our history. I can feel something moving forward and yet I am searching for those that are also ready to reflect how much growth and goodness has been coming through them over these past 7 months. Let me know how your creativity and goodness is growing…….We can do this!!!!!

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