The Spotlight is Shining

Dear One,

We have been waiting to connect with you and as always we are always with you, enjoying the witnessing of your journey and the journey of all at this time. 

As we endeavor into our message, we ask you to breathe; breathe deeply and experience an expanse of your being, of your soul, of the souls of those you love, of the souls of those you struggle to love.

For the movement of your world, of the beings of your world is moving towards love.  How do you know?  Because the experience of “not love” is growing in experience, illuminating an intensity; like collectively a spotlight is shining saying, “Over Here”.  Like a big sign saying, “Go This Way”.   Illuminate love within you, for you, for others, for all.  

Like first riding a bike….. “I have no idea how to do that.  I don’t know how to balance.”  “I don’t know how to stop being so angry.” “I’m not about to love that person.  “I don’t agree with them, what they believe, what they do, etc”  

We say, breathe, breathe deep and if but for ONE SECOND you can feel, experience love, then you are doing it.   For much like finding balance, it takes only a couple of tumbles with that brief moment of balance happening first that sparks the memory of, “it is in me to do this.”

It is in you to love.  It is in all to love.  It is the foundation of who all are.  Oh the delight when you see, experience and know this with great joy, freedom and expression. 

We ask you to continue doing the work in the mirror.  Love the other in the mirror as it magnifies the field of love and soon you will see, experience and know a shift in your being. As others gather around you, a collective of love-a field of love, joy and delight will flow—much like a warm front on a weather map.  It can spread and bring desired conditions that so many feel in their hearts.

We love you.  We love connecting with you.  Shine your love.  Breathe love.  Know love is who you are. 

Janet’s note: It has been almost a year since I connected to the Wisdom Writings. The nudge was so strong today. I couldn’t ignore it. I love the big neon sign I saw while writing this…….. GO THIS WAY!!!! Somehow the humor of being human seems to come forth in these writings.

The mirror work they refer to is simply looking in a mirror…….deep into your own eyes and saying, “I love you” or perhaps “I appreciate you” or any other expression of love that calls to you…… opening and beginning to see myself, yourself in a new way…….seeing me/you through loving eyes seems to be a gateway to seeing others in that same way.

I love you. I appreciate you. I thank you for being you.

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2 Responses to The Spotlight is Shining

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Such a beautiful, timely message, thank you my angel! Xoxo


    Liked by 1 person

  2. jaraedesire says:

    Thank you Anne. I love you.


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