Focus and the Dance of Delight

Dear One,

The deep listening you are engaging in is so valuable and now you see a new horizon, a new idea, a new place to put your glorious, blessed focus.  The focus of highest good, of highest intent for you and for all is a blessed intent.  We dance with you in your soul when you put your focus there.  

Enjoy the journey as this intent unfolds, opens, flowers and blooms.  Much like the melting of the ice in the Arctic, your “icy” views, your solidified view will begin to melt; allowing a new flow, a trickle and then a more rapid flow. Eventually this flow nurtures and nourishes new environments and beings.  

Your intent, your love, your desire for the highest good for all is clear and we say, “Enjoy and allow the melting, the unfolding.”  For many are joining you in the endeavor, in this focus.  We say, “Enjoy…play…delight with this endeavor.  For the seriousness is distracting the flow of directness that you are always capable of.”

We delight in your delight and you can now feel how attractive and expansive “delight” is and can be. So we say put your attention on de-light….of the light… with all moments of your day, all moments:

The moments in bed.  

The moments of frustration.  

The moments of confusion.  

The moments of love. 

The moments of laughter.   

Allow the sweetness of delight to easily flow onto all experiences then witness a new place of your being.  Witness a new connection.  Witness new creativity abounding around you. 

We love the focus of focus;  focusing on delight, on a new consciousness of delight.  We are with you.  We will send new creative ideas:

Share them.  

Experiment with them.  

Enjoy and Delight…

because it is the journey. 

All is well. 

janet’s note:

I have been “taken” by listening to interviews with Natalie Sudman lately. She had the most unique perspective of an NDE that I have ever heard. I also heard her talk about this type of Wisdom Writing I learned how to do over 30 years ago. She said it was a high form of listening and focus, which she does regularly. She then nudged me to go further and said the next level of focus goes beyond listening to a form of receiving a higher consciousness. So I wrote today with the singular focus and intent to open up this level of receiving and this is the message. I share it with you for the highest good for all. Much love.

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