Dive In and Discover

Finding the message through the cacophony, is now the next level of training. Knowing that you can receive the message at a pace that serves you, allows you to see the connection that we have. Without you there is no receiving the messages. Without us there is no message to receive.

Yet, in a way we are of the same connection–just demonstrating different bandwidths, different vibrations; and yet, we can work cooperatively for the greater good. For this is the vibration, the evolution coming to you, to all. Allow that “cooperative connection” to bring forth the common vibration hidden under the cacophony, and then the shift begins to happen.

For many are confounded at this time. Many realize that the discord and the expressing of the discord is no longer a path for a future for all. Now, what we say is listen. Listen beyond what is being said.

For all want freedom.

All want love.

All want to experience health and the best for all.

Now we say, look to a new place, a new space, a new opening in your hearts, in your creativities. For the creativity inside, your creative ideas are full of the combined and connected space where you are necessary; as are we, to whisper in the creative ideas.

For we are with you always. We hear you always. We love you always.

Allow the message.

Allow the creativity.

Allow the new to be spoken.

Allow the new to have space.

Allow the expression of you; the expression of others and the expression of the unknown.

For it is the unknown that is filled with the depths of all that is. Dive in and discover this depth. Once you feel safe swimming in that depth, others will soon join you.

Then let the pool party begin. Be ready for a birth of creativity to come forth and celebrate as a collective, the space of the unknown and the space of deep connection.

We love you…….Always.

Janet’s note: Big, big nudge to start receiving these messages regularly. I’ve had quite a bit of tinnitus for a while; hence the message to listen through the cacophony. What a beautiful metaphor for our lives as well. I also needed the message to come slower so it creates calm in my body and I love knowing that I could ask for it to come slower and that was immediately honored……so cool!

I love the message of looking beyond the discord and to listen, receive and allow the space and creativity to come to us. I especially love giving space to the expression of myself, others AND to the unknown.

I’m diving in……..come join me!!!!!

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4 Responses to Dive In and Discover

  1. Victoria Travis says:

    I gladly join you in the pool of creativity, the unknown and deep connection.


  2. Anne Harman says:

    Thanks my angel, Let the pool party begin! Xox

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jaraedesire says:

    I wouldn’t want to be at a pool party without YOU!!!


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