In Harmony

There is an opening, an invitation you are emitting that is boundless and beautiful.

We are eager to connect with you in this boundless, beautiful place and space.

For the message today is invited by you and we eagerly anticipate your invitation. We are aware of the discord in the body and we ask you to use the word “harmony”and then allow a feeling of harmony. Celebrate harmony in your body, in your life, in your environment. Begin to look for harmony in all you see and do. Invite it in your body. Listen for its resonance and allow it to reverberate through your body.

Harmony can be broken down and realized both through small pieces and through the non-linear experience. Yes, you can listen to music in harmony and enjoy. Allow it to envelop you and dance in your ears. You can no longer tolerate the feeling of disharmony and yes it is a vibration….in your world, in your life in your body.

So we urge you to look for harmony. Allow its vibration to fill you–envelop you and become all that you see, feel and hear. You will be so pleased. We thank you for this time and allowing us to express through you.

In harmony, we connect and communicate.

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2 Responses to In Harmony

  1. says:

    Thank you so much, Janet Ray!  I love this!! So meaningful!much love,Marce


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