As we enter into this writing, this connection, we ask you to allow only the highest vibration, the highest messages. For the glory of this message can and will be felt by many and there will be a popcorn effect of lights….pop, pop, pop…within the being, the body and around the world from this writing.

Indeed the allowing of seeing, feeling, knowing the magnificence of this body is a piece of you healing; a piece of healing for many. For many see the body as to be fixed and applying something extra to allow a great healing or maybe a great relief. We say the allowing of the inner magnificence, its full growth, its full expansion is a new and different experience.

It is not the application of chemistry or force or brain knowledge. It is the allowing and indeed, yes we can say, surrendering to the unknown, unrealized, certain reality of magnificence that is in you, is you and is all around you.

Did you think the journey to this experience, this reality would be simple, easy? Well it could be, but the depth of other realities, knowledge, experiences to clear, is to be honored and allowed. Again the word surrender comes…not giving up… but an expanded allowing and accepting of a reality…a certain reality yet to be embodied or realized.

You and many, many others are on the path of this realization, this experience. Imagine the magnificence of experiencing one’s magnificence… especially as a magnificent being in a magnificent body.

Oh dear one, the multitude of those endeavoring on this pathway can flip, like those popcorn lights once the reality of magnificence grows and grows… and then and then….Imagine what a planet of embodied magnificent “you”s and “me”s will do together.

Be patient

Be willing

Be open

Be You, as this embodiment becomes the reality of all.

janet’s note: Wow this writing came through powerfully after a breathing session I had with a bodyworker. I could see the multitude of people “dealing” with health issues/body issues and then the popcorn light effects of one by one experiencing and realizing our bodies as magnificent as they express, feel and glow with that magnificence. We are pioneering a new, “certain reality” as the Wisdom Writings call it. I send and post this for you, for me, for all!!! Much love.

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