The Power of the Path of Least Resistance


There are always paths of least resistance.  For the goodness of life will always flow through those paths.  Notice the single flower blossoming in the crack of the sidewalk.  Goodness always flows through.  In these times of great resistance,  look for the cracks and know that goodness is there; ever-present, ever-certain, ever-abundant, ever-fulfilling all that is filled with love and joy.

You are in a beautiful, reverent place in your life, and so much more is working, moving, shifting than you can see, feel, hear or taste.  We urge you to get interested, curious about that which is shifting, moving and being created.  Allow the old to arise and then wash away.   Release and then watch it happen again and again.  For every wave of release is a wave of creation within taking its place.  Allow its pristine beauty, clarity and certainty to take root and grow.

Allow a sense of wonder and delight to creep back into your daily life.  Wonder and delight.  Wonder and delight.  For that can ignite a new energy field within.  So approach today with wonder and delight and witness a new day, a new mood, a new view that is refreshing and free.

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