The Most Beautiful Sight in the Universal Cosmos

As you peek through the window of life and begin to see the beauty, love and joy that is deeply desired from your soul, relax into that.   Relax and allow the vision to be held.  Allow the visceral reactions in your body and just allow, allow, allow.

We hear your prayers and dance with them.  For the interaction of heartfelt prayers with our glorious love is one of the most beautiful sights in the universal cosmos.**  For in the “healing” of your body comes great wisdom and you are tapping into that wisdom everyday.  Pray for wisdom.  Pray for wisdom.  Pray for wisdom.  It is there; always there.  The tapping in will open many doors for you.

For beauty is calling you and your heart will guide you.  Trust this journey.  Trust.  Trust.  Trust that all is well and that your spirit and light are brilliant beacons.  You cannot be here for everyone*, for you are everyone and as you step on this journey it is with the connection with humanity that steps with you, trusts with you, loves with you.

janet’s note: * As I wrote the line before this about my spirit and light being brilliant beacons, I quickly had the thought that I needed to shine them out for others…….then my wisdom voice responded with the next few lines that I interpret to mean  that I don’t have to “intend” my connection to others, it just “is” who I am/we are,  and just step out knowing I am fully, always, and eternally connected………love to all of you!!! 

**In the line about prayer being a beautiful sight,  I saw an exquisite cascade of lights much like fireworks but with a palpable love and delight carrying it forth…….really beautiful imagery to go with prayer 🙂  

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