Wisdom Writings~~Worthless Woes and the Door to a New Life

The entering of a new dimension or a new perspective has the doorway of illusion. For often the doorway seems open and clear;  yet the true doorway is not a door, it is the entering of a new reality and for that dear one, there is no door.

The emotions of sadness, angst and depression are often in the mind of the ones with suffering and redundancy in life.   Yet the path to a refreshing look on life is keeping itself at bay.   For much blessing and goodness has yet to be experienced in these moments that seem to release your deepest levels of angst, depression and worthless woes.  So the patterning of circumstances indeed holds the profound place of pleasure, joy and love.  Yet you say,  “No, no, no, say it isn’t so.  I want something new, anything but this same old stuff I always deal with.”  We say we are offering you heaven on earth right here, right now, right in this.

Be pleased in just one moment and notice the opening.  Oops, look again.  Be pleased in two moments and the force of pleasure will move you.   If only two moments move you then celebrate your victory.

For indeed we are with you and give you all we can to enter the world of splendor.  Look, look, look for it.  It is within your grasp, your vision and nearer than you know.

We love you deeply and always.

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