Wisdom Writings~~ A Great Acknowledgment

In this lesson of today, we give voice to the many hours of allowing that have ensued.  We give great thanks for the way in which you surrender to a world that you have yet to see.  Yet even in a glimpse of it, do you delve into the surrender mode.  For truly this is such a gift that you give to your soul and to all.

For the delving into the exquisite, the beautiful, the love, the joyous is a dive of great trust and belief that all things will become heaven and goodness for all.

For we applaud your “work” and know that now it can now be continued with less force and more compliance with the face of doubt.   For in your space of acceptance does the great awakening begin.  Blessed be all that are allowing and blessed be all in this time.

Go forth with great comfort in the knowing that you are the brilliance of light and filled with the love and joy that you once only thought flowed so freely from a child.


*  Hi……..this is Janet and I haven’t done a Wisdom Writing in many months………..I felt called today, after spending a day of true surrender yesterday.  Today’s message is so “spot on” to where I am in life.  I have been really feeling “doubtful” about my beliefs and views on what life really is or could be like.  So I guess I will delve into allowing and accepting as my form of “work” for now!!  Much love to all of you 🙂 

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3 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~ A Great Acknowledgment

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Great to see you back Janet! 🙂 I’ve missed you!
    Thanks for a wonderful post. We all have to learn to surrender and allow, as it won’t be long before trying to understand just won’t work any more. We’re moving into completely new territory, where the rational mind has to ‘take a back seat’ and instead allow our intuition to guide us.
    Hugs, Gabrielle xx


  2. jaraedesire says:

    Thank you Gabrielle………….big hugs to you!!


  3. Dear Janet, So much of this entry touched my heart at a time when many things are overwhelming. Thank you for your writing.
    with much love, Alan


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