Wisdom Writings~~The Great Lesson of Where’s Waldo

In this moment of wisdom comes the most pressing message.   The time you all have chosen is now and the moment of splendor, grandeur and bliss is here.  Yet often it goes undetected,  much like Waldo.  We wish to tell you that the seeking of Waldo is how you find him and yet you have played it when you were relaxed and happy with no agenda and with just a casual glance, there he is.

So we say today there is more than one way to create your world.  Indeed many have mastered or are working on mastering intention,  focus and visualization, and indeed it works.  Yet the new wave, the next level is that of the oneness moment.  The ability for one to be at peace with all that is: relaxed, joyful, filled with pleasure and then just like the instantaneous discovery of Waldo, is the instantaneous manifestation revealed.

Oh we are giddy with great anticipation when the discovery of this form of creation rides the wave.  Imagine millions of happy, relaxed, joyful people instantaneously creating a planet of pleasure, peace and joy!

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~The Great Lesson of Where’s Waldo

  1. Gabrielle says:

    You know Janet, that’s how I’ve always felt creating a New World should be – easy, natural and full of joy! How else can we create a world full of happiness, unless it’s with the feeling of happiness.
    Thanks for confirming it for me! 🙂
    Love, Gabrielle


  2. Anne Harman says:

    Beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing “Finding Joe” tomorrow – will you be there?
    Your fan club president


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