Wisdom Writings~~ Short and Sweet

For in the great glory of all that is, is the perception of all that is not.

Today dear one, look beyond the small scope of the finite and details.  Expand your scope.  Expand your view.  Expand your heart and fill the perceptive glass full of love and glory.

As you peer out gazing upon the “one” connection of all that is, see the grandeur.  See the beauty as a halo, as a cloud, an umbrella over all the minutia of details that cause you suffering.  Know this, that the cloud of joy, the umbrella of divine grace is always there.  Always awaiting your glance, your open heart, your sudden desire to know life as glorious.  Drink it in.  Let it rain all over you and behold the glory of life is for you, for all, and for always.

We rejoice in the glorious connection and applaud the great changes that is happening for all.

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~ Short and Sweet

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Ah, so glad to read this today ! Love, love love you, Anne


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